Welcome to the Temperate Zone a Private Membership Association

Sorry, no refunds


  • We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone

  • We reserve the right to have anyone violating any of the rules herein leave the park without notice

  • Speed Limit in the park is 5 M.P.H.

  • Quiet Hours are 9:00 PM – 7:00 AM Limit noise and outside lights at this time. Check-Out Time is 11:00 AM

  • Site Rental: Monthly sites are reserved for 10yr old or newer RV’s (unless approved by park owners) and must be in good repair.

  • Health codes require either a sewer doughnut or elbow connection for all sewer hoses.

  • Your Site must be neat and tidy at all times with unused or extra vehicles stored in designated storage space (at park owner’s discretion). Limited of two vehicles per site. Water connections must not leak.

  • Trash cans are for everyday household trash only (Must be BAGGED & tied shut) to be put in garbage cans located on north side of Park, larger/bulky garbage (cardboard etc.) can be taken to the dumpster by the highway.

  • We are a Pet Friendly Park, however, Park owner has discretion to allow certain pets or not and has the right to require the pet to be leashed at all times in the park.

  • Club House is here for all to enjoy so please clean up after yourself.

        If you need the club house for an event/get together etc. please ask management first. Not to be used as 

        personal residence or personal kitchen etc. This is a common area and offered as a courtesy for all to use.

  • Restrooms and Laundry are open 24 hours a day. Please clean-up after yourself.

  • Visitors staying overnight must check in and visitors will be charged $2.00 per day up to 3 day stay unless otherwise permitted by park Management.

  • Temperate Zone is not responsible for any loss or injury due to, but not limited to: fire, theft, vandalism, accidents, negligence, or other acts of nature.

  • Park address for guest mail is: 14870 Perrin Rd NW, Deming NM 88030 .


****Guests with more than 2 people per RV on monthly add $15.00 per mo, $10.00 per week or $2.00 per day per person with Park owner’s approval. ****


These are the (Do Not’s)

        • Smoking in Any of the Facility Buildings. If you smoke put your cigarette butts in the proper receptacle and not on the ground or in the septic system.

        • Absolutely no cigarette butts, feminine hygiene products, towelettes of any kind down any sewer system at the park or clean up/repair will be at guest’s expense.

        • No Un-neutered or spayed pets. Pets can not be left unattended outside. Owners must clean up after their pets every time pet poops. Pets are not allowed inside of Park Buildings without permission.

        • If Management allows guests to have plants outside, guest must use water sparingly and not be wasteful. No bird feeders at RV sites.

        • Outside appliances of any kind.

        • It is not allowed to conduct any other business at the park other than what can be conducted within your RV (e.g. online internet business, crafts etc.) This includes commercial vehicles unless otherwise pre-approved by Park owners.

        • Children must be supervised at all times.

        • Vehicle maintenance/repairs unless approved by management.

        • Non functional or old sewer hoses/connectors must be disposed of by tenant elsewhere/not left in park garbage cans. Bio hazard materials in the community garbage will not be tolerated.

        • Driving through unoccupied sites

        • Campfires without permission

        • Discharging of firearms without probable cause for one’s own safety

        • Trimming of trees without permission